Conveyor Accessories

Conveyor Supports: 
Tripod Supports are available for Temporary or Portable applications
“H” Type Supports and Single Leg Supports are available for Fixed mounting of conveyors or can have optional casters added for portable applications
     (Specify the Conveyor BF, Top of Support Elevation and Load )

Poly Tier Supports: 
Poly Tier Supports are used for applications that are two tier or stacked one above the other, they are also available for multi tiered applications. 
     (Specify the Conveyor BF, Top of Support Elevation and Load )

Ceiling Supports: 
Ceiling Hangers are used when conveyors need to be supported from the ceiling.
     (Specify the Conveyor BF and Load )

Knee Braces:
Knee braces are used to add strength to fixed supports and stability for portable applications.

Side Guards:
Side Guards are available for one side or both sides of your conveyor.  There are several styles to choose from

Product Stops:
Angle Stop                             Manual Pop-Up Blade or Roller Stop
Roller Stop                            Pneumatic Pop-Up Blade or Roller Stop
Butt End Plate                       Pneumatic Brake Assembly
Dead Stops                            Traffic Cop
Skid Plate

Work Tables:
Work Surface Tables or Side Tables are commonly used for assembly operations when mounted to slider bed belt or roller bed belt conveyors

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BNB Industries, Inc. offers many different styles of conveyors to be able to provide the best possible design for your conveying needs.  We offer a variety of materials and finishes for use in all types of applications and operating environments to meet your specific need.  We also custom manufacture conveyors per your specifications or drawings.

Let BNB Industries, Inc. work with you to design a conveyor or conveying system best suited for your specific applications.