Powered Modular Plastic-old- Belt Conveyor

Plastic Belt conveyors are used for applications where product to be conveyed has soft or irregular foot print or small items that could fall between rollers.  Belt conveyors are used for horizontal or incline conveyors.  Products are conveyed directly on top of modular plastic conveyor belt instead of rollers, less chance of product damage. Applications; assembly lines, inspection, Accumulation, sorting and transportation.  Modular plastic belt conveyor have no belt tracking issues

Plastic Belt Conveyor Information & Quote Form:

Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors:

Standard belt widths: 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″ & 42″  (Other widths available on request)
Frames: Formed Channels with open style bed construction, belts ride on UHMW wear-strips.
Standard Belt Options: Flat Top, Flush Grid, Friction Top, In-Line Roller Top, Transverse Roller Top
Available as Straight sections, Curved Sections, Incline or Decline sections.
Plastic Belt Conveyors are quoted per application, built to your application requirements.
Many options available for your specific application

We also custom manufacture conveyors per your specifications or drawings.

Powered Conveyors

Let BNB Industries, Inc. work with you to design a conveyor or conveying system best suited for your specific applications.