Trolley Wheels-OLD – Tee Rail Conveyor

Overhead Tee Rail or T-Track System

Wheels and Parts

Part NumberDescription
TW-200-03Wheel Assembly – Blue Poly Wheel with Zinc Plated Mounting Hardware
( For Buschman Overhead Cable Trolley )
Zinc Plated Trolley Bracket
TW-348-FBRKT-SSStainless Steel Trolley Bracket
TW-348-H“H” Attachment – Zinc Plated
TW-348-H-SS“H” Attachment – Stainless Steel
TW-348-I “I” Attachment – Zinc Plated
(or “I”-Pendent)
TW-348-I-SS“I” Attachment – Stainless Steel
(or “I”-Pendent)
TW-348-2MTGHDWE-ZPAssembly Hardware – Zinc Plated
(Connecting Bolt, and Nylon Insert Nut)
TW-348-2MTGHDWE-SSAssembly Hardware – Stainless Steel
(Connecting Bolt, and Nylon Insert Nut)