Trolley-OLD- Wheels

Overhead Trolley Wheels
and Overhead Trolley Parts

Overhead Trolley Wheel Styles:

  • 2″ Cable Wheel Assembly
  • 2″ T-Rail Wheel Assembly
  • 3″ I-Beam Wheel Assembly
  • Roller Turn Roller Assembly
  • Sizing Line / In-Line Weigher Wheels
  • Special Made-To-Order Items  ( Fax or email your specifications for quote )

Key Benefits:

  • Maintenance Free Service
  • Sanitary
  • Never Needs Lubrication – No Grease or Oil to Contaminate Product
  • No Ball Bearings to Fall Out in Product
  • Reduce Track Wear – No Metal Shavings From Metal to Metal Contact.
  • Quiet

BNB Industries, Inc. manufactures many different styles of overhead trolley wheels to solve maintenance and design problems.  Our trolley wheels are available in many combinations of materials for use in a variety of applications and operating environments to meet your specific application.  We also custom manufacture trolley wheel assemblies per your specifications or drawings.

BNB’s standard trolley wheels with our Premium Ultra-High quality UHMW-PE material are a superior alternative to ball bearing wheels for use in a wet or wash down environment of a processing floor or the filling line of a corrosive or chemical conveyor application.  Unlike standard ball bearing type trolley wheels that are likely to rust or become corroded our wheels are unaffected by heavy wash down or product contamination.  With the use of the proper material for your application these trolley wheel assemblies supply superior maintenance free service for your environment.

Let BNB Industries, Inc. work with you to select a trolley wheel style and material best suited for your specific applications.